As a speaker, it is important that you are sharing the message that is most authentic for you. There are 2 ways to look at your message. One is the message that you choose and the other is the message that is chosen for you. I am a proponent of speaking the message that was chosen for you – this is your authentic message. Let me explain the difference.

Just like many of us choose a career or a job because of the income we feel we can make, likewise, some of us choose a speaking topic based on the income that we feel it can generate. Some people are most comfortable in a church or spiritual setting yet want to speak to corporations because that’s where they think the money is. Few churches pay the speaking fees that can be received from corporate audiences.

Is that truly where your message belongs? Is this you making a decision based on financial motives or is it you being authentic? Have you considered that when you do not follow your passion, the money is no fun? Speakers are supposed to have fun doing what they do.

Authenticity puts purpose over profit. You cannot be an authentic speaker if you are choosing your message based on the income it can potentially generate rather than based on the passion you feel about the topic and speaking it from your authentic voice.

The challenge speakers have with determining a topic from their authentic voice is that it often takes time. Let’s face it. It is faster to make a decision and roll with it, even if it’s not truly reflective of your message, than to wait for the clarity that really moves your message further. When you start your journey as a speaker with a message that is not authentic, you get stuck with it and it is hard, and expensive, to change. People get to know you by your message and if you change your message people have to get to know you all over again.

This can be very confusing.

I believe that getting to your message is an evolutionary process. Your message reflects your growth as a person and as a speaker. The path to your message is like unraveling the thread that runs through your experiences and thoughts. When you are able to find the thread and identify it, you have found your authentic message. For some it comes easily, for others it takes a while.

What is the thread that runs through your life? Identifying that thread is the key to identifying your message – the one that speaks within you. Are you aware of it? Are you listening to it? Are you allowing it to evolve? Are you nurturing it? Are you ready for it?

If you are unclear of the thread that runs through your life that is the foundation for your message, then start listening to yourself. Keep a paper and pencil nearby at all times so that you can record the messages that you will begin to get. Listen to the voice within you. Write down what it says. Watch the people who come to your space and what they say to you. Write down anything that seems unusual or otherwise noteworthy. Keep the paper and pencil near your bed and near your shower. Write your thoughts and the things that your voice is saying to you.

Finding your message is both an intuitive and a practiced experience. Allow yourself to embrace your message with the passion of the lifelong experience that it is. Take the time you need to be certain. If you are serious, then be serious about your message. Taking the time to make the right decisions early in your speaking career will pay off tremendously as you move forward.


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