“Thanks for sharing this information so freely with us! What an inspiration! You make it sound so easy.

You are helping us to believe in ourselves again! Thank you!”

Dovie Gray, Atlanta, GA

“Thank you so much Norma. This is the best no-nonsense approach that I have ever seen!”

Allen Phillips, New Brunswick

“Now that’s what I call “Just the facts please.” You did this so quick and smooth which means you know your stuff. Thanks for sharing.”

Veronica Blakely, Tampa, FL

“I don’t know where I can get this level of understanding on any program that I’ve ever been with. It’s metaphysical, psychological, ecological, spiritual, intellectual and everything else. I love it and wouldn’t miss it. It is making me a better person while making me a better speaker.”

Dr. Dexter Russell, Santa Fe, NM

“Norma is amazing! I consulted with her regarding an upcoming speaking event, and in just that one conversation she gave me incredible advice and tips for creating my sales offer.  I used her suggestions and closed sales with 43% of my audience right there on the spot! Many thanks Norma! If you are going to be speaking I highly recommend you talk to Norma – I know I definitely will again!”

Michelle Brubaker, Marketing Expert

“Your sound advice is so refreshing, especially for all of us who are struggling in these hard economic times to find common sense ways to ‘monetize our message’. Norma, I especially appreciate your fearlessness in sharing it with all who will listen. I am going to implement all of your wonderful recommendations.

Shanari Williams, Detroit, MI

“Great call last night. I did a lot of the work in the workbook and I felt like lots of the mental was stripped away to get to what is important to me.”

Melissa Hebrink, New York

“I was all over the map, Norma helped me narrow and fine tune my message. I’m excited to execute the practical and transformational strategies you shared with me. I’m referring you to other speakers!”

Michael D. Butler, Author/Speaker/TV Host

“I have attended seminars for years on how to become a speaker and it took five minutes of your time to create a ‘break-through’ and give me knowledge that I did not know existed.”

Norma Bryant Howard, Atlanta, GA

“I saw Norma for a special session after she spoke. We had a really great one-hour session. I was very confused about what to do with the next step of my business which is just two years old. It was so great to talk to Norma because she really let me know steps one, two and three. I can go home and know what to do next because of Norma.”

Janet Plocke, Organized by Janet