What is Authentic Speaking U?

  • Authentic Speaking U is an online membership program to help speakers strengthen their message, define their target audience, improve presentation skills, create product, market themselves and implement systems that will help them run a speaker business.


Who is Authentic Speaking U for?

  • The lessons in Authentic Speaking U are for new and emerging speakers. These include speakers who only want to improve their message for work, church or other purposes as well as those who want to sharpen their skills and earn income as a professional speaker.


What is the R.A.P.I.D.S. Speaking System?

  • The R.A.P.I.D.S. Speaking System is a process that instructs speakers on the order in which they need to develop themselves. Every industry has a specific framework of operation and the R.A.P.I.D.S. Speaking System teaches the framework for the business of speaking.


Why is it used for Authentic Speaking U?

  • We believe that the most impactful speakers are those who are authentic. Being authentic means having a message that is true to you and delivering it in authentic ways to audiences who are aligned with who you are and what you have to say. We feel that the R.A.P.I.D.S. Speaking System accomplishes this and shaves years off the learning curve of speaker development.


What are the membership programs?

  • There are three levels of membership. Level 1 is for speakers who do not necessarily want to earn income as a speaker but do want to improve their message and presentation skills. Level 2 is for speakers who already have a message and present well but now seek to gain more exposure and earn more income as a speaker. They want to understand the business of speaking. Level 3 is for new speakers who want to become professional and need to learn the A-Z of speaking and the business of speaking.


How long are the classes?

  • Each level is divided into three Modules and within each Module is between 2 and 9 lesson. Lessons are delivered every three days.


What can I expect as a member?

  • You will receive a new lesson every three days in the form of an audio, video, interview, information or excercises. Complete the assignment and reflect on it until you receive your next lesson. Once a month, on each 4th Tuesday, you can participate in a group coaching call to ask any questions that concern you.


Is coaching offered?

  • Yes. In addition to the monthly group coaching calls we also offer individual customized coaching. These programs are delivered as a single session, over a six-month period and over a 12-month period.


What if I want personal attention or want to move faster than the membership program?

  • You can get brief personal attention on the monthly group coaching calls. Because there are a number of people on the call it is not possible to provide in-depth answers. If you want personal attention or want to fast-track your development, enroll in one of the coaching programs.


What is the cost?

  • Levels 1 and 2 are $297 each. You can pay in full or pay $87/month for four months.
  • Level 3 is $497. You can pay in full or pay $97/month for six months.


Will this really teach me how to be a successful speaker?

  • Yes. Many speakers use the R.A.P.I.D.S. Speaking System and have gained success as a speaker. You can too! Just follow the instructions, in order and bring any questions to the group coaching calls.