In addition to our membership programs, we also offer one-on-one coaching through a single-sessions, 6-month engagements and one-year Masterminds as follows:

  1. Authentic Voice Review – A single intense 90-minute one-on-one to give you a customized road-map to success. This is for people who want assistance in a specific area and/or feel confident about their ability to move themselves through the process as long as they have a ‘road-map’.
  2. Coaching Engagement – A 6-month program that moves you from where you are to where you want to be. You meet with your coach for 90 minutes each month, either a single session or divided into two sessions. Homework is assigned at each session and you progressively move through the R.A.P.I.D.S. Speaking System with guidance from your coach. You are also coached on issues that might be blocking your authentic success. At the conclusion of the 6-monthh period most clients are ready to get booked and earn income.
  3. Accelerated VIP Masterminds – Customized one-on-one coaching programs to accelerate your success. This is for speakers who want a fast-trace. You have two options. One is a VIP Day where you receive customized coaching for 6 – 8 hours with Norma. Your other option is the four-month accelerated training.

Authentic Voice Review

What’s the Authentic Voice Review?

The Authentic Voice Review is an intense 90-minute extraordinary consultation that focuses on your specific needs as a speaker. You will receive concentrated and targeted coaching to take your speaking career to the next level.

The session is customized to meet your specific needs and can include step-by-step instruction to accelerate your speaking career.

Some of the categories covered may include:

  • Discovering your “authentic” voice
  • Identifying your message
  • Evaluation of Presentation Skills
  • Topic development
  • What to do to get to your next level
  • Product Development
  • Pricing
  • Marketing
  • Positioning yourself as a professional speaker and “expert” in your field
  • Customized “Success Prescription”
  • Creating a ‘road-map’ to your success

The review can be conducted by phone, Skype or in-person.


Pay in full or

50% down to secure an appointment and 50% paid at time of Review.

We also offer an upgraded Authentic Voice Review that includes up to three written exercises and a 60 minute follow-up session within 45 days.


To purchase this service, schedule a discovery session with Norma to discuss your goals by going to


Six-Month Coaching Engagement

This is designed for speakers who need a little more clarity about their process to become a professional speaker. Sometimes the group coaching is not enough – you want to speak to someone one-on-one about your development. This program provides more comprehensive assistance and direction.

You can focus on the development of your message, strengthening your marketing or any other areas that are addressed by the R.A.P.I.D.S. Speaking System.

Your first session is a one-on-one with Norma. You will share your goals then Norma will assess your needs, give you direction, create your development plan and assign you to your coach. For the next five months you will meet with your coach who will assist you to achieve your goals.

Each month you will receive homework that builds on the coaching and prepares you for the next month.

The review can be conducted by phone, Skype or in-person.


Pay in full or

$525/month for six months


Authentic Speaker VIP Mastermind

The Authentic Speaker VIP Mastermind is for those who are really serious about becoming a professional speaker and want to be ready in the shortest period of time. The Accelerated Mastermind is a customized program for your fastest growth opportunity. You have two options.

Option #1 – VIP Mastermind Day

This program is for you if you want to gain maximum knowledge in minimum time. In 6 – 8 intensive hours, Norma will move you through the R.A.P.I.D.S. Speaking System and prepare you to rise to your next level of success.

This program is best done live however can also be accomplished through Skype or Zoom. You will gain clarity about your message and target market. You will discuss and receive feedback from a prepared 15-minute presentation that you deliver live or through Youtube. Be prepared to discuss product options and be sure to make Norma aware of any products you currently have. In addition, you will gain a deeper understanding of your marketing needs and how you can fulfill them. At the end of the session you will also know how to automate for the most effective management of your speaking career.

A VIP Day is also effective for focusing on a narrow area of the R.A.P.I.D.S. Speaking System. Perhaps you are preparing a new message and want to maximize the presentation of the message. Or maybe you want a comprehensive marketing plan that you can begin to implement the next day.

Your VIP Day can focus on whatever concern you have to grow your speaking platform.

INVESTMENT:   $5,500


Option #2 – VIP Coaching Mastermind

This program is for you if you want to move rapidly and need more time to develop than the VIP Mastermind Day. For a minimum of four months, you will meet with Norma for 2 – 3 hours per month. Norma will work with you one-on-one to accomplish all of the R.A.P.I.D.S. Speaking System components.

In addition, you will receive targeted chapters from Authentic Speaking U to provide more detailed information and enhance your growth. You may also receive targeted personal inventories from Norma’s Authentic Voice Protégé program. These focus on aspects of personal development that will strengthen your confidence and skills as a speaker.

At each session you will receive homework and thoughts to ponder, often involving the exercises from the chapters and inventories.

If needed, other coaches may be brought in to address specific areas of need. For example, if you need a website, you may be connected to the company’s website designer who may produce a basic website at no additional cost.

You will be coached on your areas of greatest need and guided to your highest success. This is an intensive program that requires a minimum of four-months to complete. At the end of the process you will be ready to earn income as a speaker.

You will then be introduced to people who will be a benefit for you. Some of these introductions will be to radio hosts who will interview you on their shows.

To qualify for this program, you must first have a one-on-one discovery session with Norma to determine if you are eligible. Eligibility is based on your attitude, accomplishments and goals. You will only be accepted into this program if we feel that we can successfully raise you from where you are to another level or two of success as a professional speaker.

To schedule your discovery session with Norma go to

INVESTMENT:   $5,500 or $1,250/month x 4 months.

Note: We do not guarantee that this program will be accomplished in 4 months. Successful completion is dependent on multiple factors including your commitment to do the homework and your ability to be coached. If additional months are needed they may be charged at a reduced rate. This will be discussed with you prior to the end of your four-month commitment.


To determine the right coaching program for you, answer these questions:

  1. Are you a Do-It-Yourselfer? You want a personal road-map of what to do or need customized advice on specific elements of your development.

Consider the Authentic Voice Review, a 90-minute consultation.

  1. Do you want someone to hold your hand and give you direction while you move forward?

You want the 6-month Coaching Engagement.

  1. Do you want to hit the ground running and earn income as quickly as possible?

Enroll in the VIP Mastermind Day or VIP Coaching Mastermind.


You can discuss any of these programs, prior to enrollment, by


Coaching Testimonials:

“I received one-on-one counseling from Norma Thompson Hollis and it was the best investment I could have made for my speaking career. During our session, she provided me with a road-map for success by giving me direction and a clear plan. We mapped out years 1-5 of my speaking career based on my goals and potential. Not only was she strategic and a visionary, she was compassionate and caring. I was not treated like just another speaker by her or those who are employed by her agency. Her advice was based on my unique set of circumstances and needs. I would have spent years of trial & error trying to figure out what was revealed to me in only one hour! I am now confident and sure about my success. I would recommend this counseling to anyone who wants to take their speaking career to the next level.”

-Kimberly Clark Menchion, Esq., Tallahassee, Florida


“Hi Norma, I’m writing a few lines to say thank you for the advice. After having a one-on-one phone consultation with you last year, I have reached some major positive milestones in my speaking career. I took your advice… it enhanced my level of professionalism. I went from having no product to having four products packaged for sale. My next step is to market my products online with my 10,000 person database. Thanks again for your encouragement. Have A Great Day!”

-Tracy J. Brown, CEO/Urban Awareness USA


“We only spoke once, on the phone, but our coaching session was of enormous benefit.”

-Dr. Dan, Empowering People for Better Lives


“Thanks for the 20 minutes of insight you shared with me. I was amazed at how quickly you were able to give me direction.”

-Greg Franklin, Author, Sales Consultant, Keynote Speaker


“Let me tell you about Norma Hollis. She is my coach and is helping me reach heights I have never seen before, resulting in me attracting more clients through her authentic coaching approach. If you are looking for you voice, if you are trying to tap into what it is in you that you can share with other people, you have to work with Norma Hollis.”

-J. Eldridge Taylor, The J. Eldridge Taylor Company


“Thanks to Norma Hollis, I am experiencing an unprecedented level of success as a result of my appearance on The Apprentice. I knew I had momentum and a chance to maximize my celebrity’ status, but I didn’t know how to do it. I turned to Norma for coaching and direction. Norma helped me in numerous ways and ultimately, was a guiding light to my speaking career. She not only provided excellent advice about creating a successful speaking platform, she made sure that my ‘authentic’ voice was evident in my presentations. By utilizing the concepts of authenticity that Norma taught me, I have been able to share the ‘real’ Omarosa with the world and experience ongoing success as a professional speaker. Norma helped me turn 15 minutes of fame into a speaking empire!”

Omarosa, President/CEO of