What does it mean to be an authentic speaker?

It means being an individual who lives with authenticity and shares an authentic message.

When Norma operated her speaker bureau she made an interesting observation. She found that the speakers who seemed to be most comfortable on stage and were most memorable were speakers that she identified as ‘being OK with themselves’.

She later came to recognize this as their authenticity.

Later, as she discovered more about what it means to be authentic, she identified these speakers as authentic speakers. They spoke with passion from their heart, told memorable true stories, shared meaningful lessons and received great applause.

They shared their authentic voice.

She began to recognize speakers who were less than authentic. She found it interesting to watch the difference in audiences when they listened to an authentic speaker versus one who was less than authentic.

Audiences seemed to be more inspired, gain more useful information and were generally more engaged when the speaker came from a place of authenticity. In contrast, the speakers who did not come from a place of authenticity created a different type of energy in the room. It was more frenzied, less cohesive, more competitive and did not seem to fulfill a purpose that was life-generating.

Norma made the decision to only work with speakers who get excited about sharing their authentic voice to make a positive difference in the world. Authentic speakers do just that.

Authentic speakers put purpose over profit. They earn income from speaking however earning income is not their only priority.

Authentic speakers contribute to making the world a better place. They know that by sharing their experiences and lessons they can help others avoid the pitfalls they had to face.

Authentic speakers speak their truth. They have found what is true for them and they are willing to share the mistakes they made on their path to truth.

If you consider yourself an authentic speaker, you have just found a community of like-minded speakers who look forward to meeting and assisting you. Welcome!